Are Muzzleloaders Making A Comeback? Proof Found In Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook

It seems that muzzleloaders are on the up in popularity when you take a quick look at any of the various social media platforms. There are a ton of people who are starting to talk about them, and it’s making us pretty happy to see it. Muzzleloaders aren’t a dying breed of gun after all!

Where’s The Proof For Muzzleloaders?

We took to scouring the internet for all of the proof we could find. You’ll be surprised to know that we actually found a decent amount of proof on a bunch of different social media websites.

Some of these websites even consisted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – 3 of the largest social media platforms currently available. I’d say if there was people talking about muzzleloaders on there that it’s pretty reliable proof! It’s near impossible to fake thousands upon thousands of tweets, status updates, and pictures where people express their love for muzzleloaders.

Needless to say, we’re extremely excited to see this!

Where’s the Proof? – Twitter

We’re going to start off on Twitter to show you guys the proof we’ve found. For starters, we found this tweet promoting a YouTube video someone made about muzzleloaders:

There are also plenty of other tweets you can find by searching the muzzleloader hashtag on Twitter.

Where’s the Proof? – Instagram

Instagram also has a TON of quality posts where people express their love for muzzleloaders. Here’s one particularly cool one we found:

It actually looks like this person grew their account using the free tool from the Get Free Instagram Followers Team. That’s even cooler! We highly recommend checking them out.

Where’s the Proof? – Facebook

Facebook may be the holy grail of people promoting their love for muzzleloaders. There’s a ton of people talking about them on their normal time lines, and there’s thousands of groups and pages promoting them as well. Here’s a good post that caught our eye:

Congrats to Son of the South Joshua Carney on one heck of a Kansas buck in velvet!

Posted by CVA Muzzleloaders on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

That’s right – that page has overĀ 150,000 likes. That’s absolutely crazy! We believe it goes to show that the muzzleloader is far from dead.

On top of all of that, that’s just a scratch on the surface of all the evidence we found. Muzzleloaders are truly spectacular weapons, and the people know it too! We don’t believe they’re going to die out any time soon. What do you think? We’d love to know!