Differences Between Air Guns & Firearms

How can a pellet gun out-shoot a refined gun that has had countless dollars worth of modification lavished upon it? The answer lies with the projectile. It’s the important thing that separates an air rifle from firearms. Take a long take a look at an airgun pellet. It’s not much like the bullet from a […]

Are Muzzleloaders Making A Comeback? Proof Found In Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook

It seems that muzzleloaders are on the up in popularity when you take a quick look at any of the various social media platforms. There are a ton of people who are starting to talk about them, and it’s making us pretty happy to see it. Muzzleloaders aren’t a dying breed of gun after all! […]

Muzzleloaders Are Fun & Effective Against Nuisance Animals

Simple joys in life are one of the secrets to being delighted. A muzzleloader is about as simple as guns get and blackpowder shotguns for numerous users are two times as enjoyable. The very best news is, Alabama’s woods are open for ‘front stuffer’ scatterguns. To remove wild animal pest control services should be called, […]